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This site was conceived with the theory that there are just as many writers and storytellers in ethnic and underrepresented communities as there are in any population. The ethnic population in American is nearing 50% of the population but the media is overwhelmingly underrepresented. So, where are they? Writers and storytellers with diverse voices are out there and because media has never focused on it, there was never an avenue to develop and showcase your talent. This is where we come in.

Inclusive Medium develops, finances and produces podcasts, comics, independent short and feature film and television from diverse point of views.

We want writers and storytellers to use this site as a resource to develop and contribute your voices to the mission. So how can the writers and storytellers in underrepresented communities establish themselves as writers?

1) You get better at the craft of writing

2) You show your work

3) You get writing gigs

This site is intended to help with all three. Come back to this site as we continue to build out the community and resources. Contribute an article about your experience trying to be a freelance writer. You can help build this community.

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